Reviews – Are They Really Canadian?

web layout is a drugstore which promises easy and secure medication ordering. They also claim to be “Your one-stop online Canadian pharmacy”, but are they really as good as they promise? We check the details of this pharmacy to try to find the answer.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2014-01-13
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Pharmacy World
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
OtherPharmacy Checker
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

A look at the domain name records which relate to this pharmacy shows us that their address has been registered since 2014.

a long lifespan

We can also see that the domain doesn’t need to be renewed until 2022. A domain name which has been registered for more than a single year at a time is a good indication of an online pharmacy which expects to be around for a long time and shows them to be more legit.

Also shown in the record is the fact that the owner of this store has chosen to hide who and where they are. The use of a privacy service isn’t a great thing to discover and could point to a problem with this drugstore.

Business Contact Details

This online pharmacy does provide a mailing address for their business. This is the address of the Candrug Pharmacy and is a genuine location of that business.

However, despite this information, we can’t be sure who the real owners of this online pharmacy are. Are they owned by Candrug? Are they really based in Canada? The answers aren’t made clear on the site or elsewhere, more transparency would be appreciated here.

Related Pharmacies

There are a few other online drugstores which use the same address as this one. They are also affiliated with Candrug, though whether they are owned by the same business we can’t be certain. Other related stores include:


Regulatory Approvals

The store provides a few seals from regulatory associations on the site. These seals are for the Canadian regulatory associations CIPA, IPABC and Pharmacy Checker.

We are able to check with these organizations to make sure this pharmacy is correctly displaying the seals. Sometimes, unreliable online pharmacies use these seals to make them seem legit when they are not. A check with the CIPA shows that they are registered with the organization.

an active membership

The Pharmacy Checker accreditation is also genuine and this shows us that this pharmacy is likely to be a safe choice to get your meds from.

in the list

When we look to the findings of LegitScript, however, this belief is brought into doubt. They have looked at the legal approvals for this pharmacy and don’t believe what they are doing is correct. They have given the store their lowest rating of a rogue drugstore.


Medication Sold

This pharmacy offers a wide range of products with both the better-known brand pills and the cheaper generics on offer. The prices on this store are far from the cheapest available online, however.

dapoxetine 30mg

If you are expecting all of the drugs sold by this Canadian pharmacy to be dispensed in Canada you are going to be disappointed. Some pills are dispensed in Canada but others can come from fulfillment centers around the world. They do claim that this is entirely legal and all of the distribution centers are fully licensed in their own countries, but it is impossible for us to check that this is true.

Alongside Canada, products are shipped from India, Turkey, Mauritius, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK.

The good thing about this is that it means prices aren’t as high as they otherwise would be and they do tell you where the pills are dispensed from before you order. The bad thing is that it is far more likely that low-quality or fake pills could get into the system putting the health of patients at risk.

They do require a valid prescription when ordering meds which require it. You are able to fax, email, post or upload prescriptions to their store.

Payment and Shipping

This store is secure, allowing you to fill out their forms without the risk of your information falling into the hands of criminals. They accept payment through the following methods:

card, money orders and checks
  • Check
  • International money order
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Shipping is free to addresses in North America. Shipping times are 4 to 8 business days from the Canadian pharmacy and 14 to 18 days from their international fulfillment centers. Reviews

There are some good reviews found on the Google listing for this business. The comments appear to be from genuine customers and most people are very satisfied with the service provided.

only positive


This pharmacy offers regulation and good customer feedback making this seem like it is a safe place to purchase medication. Not everything is perfect, however, and we have some concerns about the transparency surrounding ownership of this business. Their prices are also not the most competitive.

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