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main page is an international pharmaceutical referral service based in the United Arab Emirates. They work with legitimate medical suppliers and pharmacies to dispense and deliver drugs. They claim to cater to consumers who are tired of paying exorbitant fees for basic medicine.

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Date of Registry2011-07-22
CountryUS, Barbados
Main Details
Drugstore NameDayNight Drugs
AddressPO BOX 183059, Dubai, UAE
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
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Free Number+1-647-955-3767
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Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
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E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

This website was created on the 21st of July 2011. They have been in business for eight years which is encouraging because it shows that they have the experience and the pedigree required to make all the ambitious promises surrounding their products and services.


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This domain has been assigned a trust rating of 78 percent by ScamAdviser. This tells you that, whatever other skeletons they might have in their closet, this pharmacy is safe. You don’t have to worry about the medical platform stealing your money or your information. They seem to share their server with over a thousand other sites. Most of these domains have strong ScamAdviser trust ratings, and that is technically a good thing. But this drugstore would be better off nurturing online relationships with third party sites of a medical nature.

high rating

Business Profile

ScamAdviser believes that this pharmaceutical firm originates from either the United States or Barbados but that information was probably generated from the location of its servers. The company has gone so far as to reveal that it is not based in the United States. Additionally, their contact page features a Dubai address. So there is every reason to believe that they are based in the UAE.


Most of the claims the drugstore makes are nothing new. They supposedly provide the highest quality prescription and nonprescription drugs on the market. Their international partners include notable brands like Cipla LTD and Torrent Pharmaceuticals. They want their clients to know that they employ over a hundred full-time staff and that every medical professional on hand is properly licensed and, thus, perfectly placed to provide guidance on the best way to treat certain illnesses.


The ordering system is straightforward. New customers must open accounts and then provide critical information about their personal and medical history. The website’s medical experts use this information to scrutinize every order they receive, making certain that every drug is appropriate for every consumer who tries to purchase it.

It takes anywhere between two hours and four days to process an order and initiate the shipping. Consumers who prefer to avoid online transactions can always order for drugs through the phone, fax, and even email. The website aims to cater to the needs of all its clients. Customer support personnel are always available to answer questions.

Regulatory Authorization

This website has an Accreditations webpage. But the page merely mentions the fact that this website uses SSL Encryption technology to protect user data during transmission. It also mentions its adherence to Visa guidelines, not to mention assuring consumers that its international partners and medical employees are licensed. They have no actual accreditation empowering them to operate legally as a business. This is why LegitScript calls them a rogue online pharmacy.


Available Drugs

You can buy prescription and nonprescription drugs that treat all types of illnesses from this platform. The medicine is mostly generic. The website claims that they get their merchandise from India and Canada. This could be true but it could also be a lie. You cannot order for narcotics or any other controlled substances. Prescriptions are required for anyone who wants to buy prescription medicine.


Payments and Deliveries

This internet drugstore has a price matching scheme. They will match the price of any drug that a rival licensed internet pharmacy offers more cheaply. They also claim to help their clients save up to 90% on the drugs they purchase from the company’s online platform.

  • Payments are made via Visa
  • Deliveries cost $10

All drugs are shipped in discreet packages using standard shipping methods. Expect to wait a maximum of 21 days. Any package that isn’t delivered within that duration will be reshipped. Otherwise, the site will give you a refund.


This medical portal has a testimonials page from where its consumers praise the company incessantly for providing great products at a fraction of the price.

some reviews

If you refuse to take testimonials on company websites seriously, you will be happy to know that this pharmacy has reviews on TrustPilot, and the majority are very positive, appreciating the drugstore for its excellent service. One consumer said that he had used the site for two years to order for medicine because they were his only source of western pills when he was overseas and they had never disappointed him.


This website loses quite a few points because it lacks proper accreditation. On the other hand, the website is professionally designed, their lifespan is healthy, they have a strong rating from ScamAdviser and their customer feedback from a third party website which they do not control is very positive.

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