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main page is a most recently created online drugstore whose attention is on sexual enhancement products. The store claims to offer high-quality drugs that are effective in every way. These medications involve both generic and brand prescriptions dispatched from renowned suppliers in the world. This platform also claims to have a team of professionals with adequate knowledge on health matters. The professionals offer bits of advice and guidance on various medical conditions to customers. Simply, customers’ satisfaction is their main priority. Nevertheless, our review reveals that this platform is new in the online business. Therefore, it can be less reliable opposed to those drugstores that have run for long.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2019-04-21
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the Database
Contact Info
Free Number+0-808-189-1420
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

WhoIs assists in unveiling domain name records of a website in question. This platform was registered less than 6 months ago on 2019-04-21. It’s assumed to run until 2020-04-21 after registration expiry. This platform has operated for a limited time that’s usually associated with scam websites. With the rising cases of fraud, every customer should try to avoid such websites. Usually, they run for days, months or even a year before closing down after soliciting money from clients. An online reputation check is also necessary for it helps in avoiding such cases.


Business Profile

To begin with, the store seems to be in the Russian Federation which is a high-risk country. The country has many cases of selling and distributing counterfeit products that are unfit for human intake.


Also, deception there is the order of the day. Further, this platform uses a privacy service that helps in covering major details. For instance, the owners’ identity, business name, and physical address are withheld. Some websites claim that they utilize this service to avoid spams. Usually, it helps these websites to carry out malicious activities secretly. The website offers a 24/7 customer service whereby interested parties can reach them via email, US toll-free (+18885247141) and UK no. (+448081891420).

Regulatory Approvals

As expected, this website hasn’t displayed any seals to showcase approvals. Approvals show that a site has successfully satisfied regulatory bodies like WHO, FDA, NABP, LegitScript, CIPA and others. However, the store hasn’t acquired any seal because it’s new. It’s also unavailable in the LegitScript database.

suspicious site

Products and Pricing

Apart from the sexual enhancement pills, the store has an extensive range of medications that treat various ailments. Some of these drugs treat weight loss, hair loss, depression, allergy, asthma, and others. Best-selling products comprise of:

  • Lasix
  • Men’s health pills
  • Women’s health pills
  • Priligy

The prices of these pills are affordable for they are as per the current market rates of less than a dollar. For example, a pill of Lasix that cures swelling is sold at $0.31 while Propecia that treat hair loss is sold at $0.60.

Payment and Shipping

The store claims to have a secure payment process but it hasn’t displayed a valid SSL cert. An SSL certificate ensures that both payment and personal details are safe during a transaction. At the moment, they accept such payment methods as:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • JCB and Diners club
  • E-check

The store has a shipping policy that covers both local and international destinations. They offer two shipping options that include trackable courier service and standard airmail. Usually, the courier service is more expensive than the latter for it incorporates real-time tracking of an order. Further, they provide free reshipment when order is stolen or damaged during delivery. They have a money-back program if the reshipment fails.

Delivery Timeline

Usually, the delivery time is dependent on the shipping method and a buyer’s location. When using the courier service it takes 5-9 days while a delivery through standard airmail takes 2-3 weeks.

Customers’ Feedbacks

The store has a testimonial page that holds several positive reviews. These reviews don’t seem genuine for they entirely talk about the products been offered there. Plus, most of them award the store a 4-star rating out of a maximum of 5. Testimonials should be inclusive of both negatives and positives about a store.


Conclusion is new in online business. Thus, it lacks approvals and genuine testimonials that can help in determining whether the store is legit or a scam. This platform has also been linked with a high-risk country which quite absurd.

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