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main page promises to help its customers save a significant amount of money through buying generic drugs with it. The pharmacy specifies that its prices are 90% lower than those in typical brick and mortar stores around the globe, and significantly lower than in other online apothecaries. Besides, it claims to offer the best quality in terms of services and the nature of drugs, citing that the drugs it sells are quality approved by the concerned organizations. The pharmacy promises every good thing, but we dismiss all of them based on evidence. Read through our detailed review below to know more.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2015-03-24
CountryChina, Malaysia
Main Details
Drugstore NameEU Meds
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number1-888-455-5624
Contact Form
E-mail [email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The website was first registered as an online pharmacy on the 24th of March, 2015. With the right calculations done, this was 4 years ago and just a few weeks ago. It takes a lot to trust such a young pharmacy. The trend, however, is that the younger it is, the more likely a pharmacy is to be a rogue one. So one has to be very cautious with pharmacies that are operated on domain names aged less than 5 years like this one. Delving deeper into the same registration records found on WhoIs, we noticed some other things. One notable thing was the action by this pharmacy to hide important details about itself from the public. The storefront uses an anonymous privacy protection service to do this.


Business Profile

It is important to understand the profile of those who run or have a hand in the operation of any online pharmacy, to help you understand its profile in more details. To this effect, we looked into the profile of the pharmacy’s host, “Regional Network Information Center JSC dba RU-CENTER”. Unfortunately, the Russian native host has no good profile. There’s evidence that it has been hosting online suppliers of unsafe medications. Thus, the company could be a bird of the same feather hosted by it. Likewise, we realized that the pharmacy is operated by a company known as NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO LTD. This too isn’t a popular company and could be easily involved in unscrupulous deals.


Finally, in this section, there’s a concern about where the company is based and operated. From the horse’s own mouth, this is a European pharmacy but from the look of things, it is based in China. ScamAdviser breaks the location possibilities as follows:

  • China: 83%
  • Malaysia: 11%
  • Australia: 6%

Nevertheless, the reallocation is still not clear, but higher chances are that it is China.


All products offered by this shop are generic drugs. Most sales made by the apothecary is in the Sexual Health drugs, which makes the pharmacy’s bestseller drugs”. Though the drugs are available in plenty of categories, there’s no doubt that their quality is questionable.


Here’s how we arrived at that conclusion. To begin with, the drugs aren’t manufactured in the countries and companies listed on the pharmacy’s website. That’s the first lie to make us believe that the quality is good. The drugs are manufactured in India and some in China, countries both of which have been considered as producers of counterfeit drugs. Secondly, the drugs aren’t approved by both WHO and the INDIAN FDA as falsely stated by the drugstore’s owner.


This drugstore charges at least an extra dollar on most medications. For example, a generic Tamiflu (an influenza drug) costs $5.49 on the website but costs $2 or 3 less in other typical websites. There’s a 10% discount on all re-orders.


A regulated or certified pharmacy is obviously safe for you. This one isn’t a regulated one. Here’s the evidence:

  • It is termed as rogue by LegitScript
  • It is given a trust rating of 46% (might be unsafe) and a yellow flag on ScamAdviser
  • NABP doesn’t recognize the pharmacy
  • The FDA has never had contact with the pharmacy. Its drugs are, therefore, of poor quality

The pharmacy operates illegally and that means danger to the buyers.

Payment and Delivery

All payments can only be channeled via:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • International Bank Transfer

The payments are processed in an SSL encrypted webpage that ensures no third party can access your details, which is safe. The company claims to ship to worldwide countries. Two shipping modes are Deutsche Post and Royal Mail.

Costs are claimed to be visible when you’re in the process of checking out. Orders destined within the EU borders have an ETA of 7-14 days. Those to other countries take 14-21 days.

Customer Feedback

There is no customer feedback posted by the pharmacy on its own website. At the same time, it leaves no opportunity for the customers to air their opinions about the services offered to them. Neutral review sites also have no posted comments for the pharmacy. The meaning of this is clear: that this business isn’t still popular, even after staying in the industry for more than 4 years.

no reviews


You could read above the way this pharmacy attempts to take money from customers in exchange for nothing valuable. Their prices are high and they’ve got no guarantee of product delivery. Reviews that could have confirmed more about the pharmacy are also absent. Avoid it as much as possible.

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