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main page represents a speculatively US-based website created to operate an online drugstore business. That’s not all. You need to know whether it’s worth spending some cash on, or not, don’t you? The truth is: it’s not worth and proves to be yet another rogue web-based apothecary! Our comprehensive review below demystifies this inference further.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2013-10-22
Main Details
Drugstore NameEuropean Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+4428-9454-8771
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

According to reliable domain name registration details usually found on WhoIs, this website was registered on 22-10-2013. Since then, it’s more than 5.5 years. To mean, the website’s age is slightly more than the highly suspected less-5 years, commonly observed with rogue drugstores. This can make you mistakenly think that this pharmacy is a distance from rogue but no, this is just an “experienced deceiver”.


Business Profile

Beginning from its location, we must talk about the hard time we went through in order to establish the pharmacy’s suspected actual location. However, this wasn’t the only the pharmacy with which we had such an experience as all the rogue drugstores exhibit the pattern. Euro-Shelf is just but an additional member of the rogue pharmacies family. Looking at the domain name host’s profile, we realize that this pharmacy is also surrounded by disreputable organizations. KHEWEUL.COM SA is a domain name registrar under which a good number of scam websites are hosted. It seems to provide hosting services to websites whose deals are rather unscrupulous. It’s the pharmacy’s host thus gives it a profile that leaves us with a lot of suspicion about its safety.


Lastly, the pharmacy’s name confuses. It suggests a “medical shelf in Europe” while the pharmacy is likely from the United States, the actual location remains unknown. ScamAdviser breaks down the location possibilities as so:

  • Unknown 85%
  • US 8%
  • China 6%
  • Germany 1%

Hidden locations is a pattern commonly observed in fraudulent online pharmacies.

Drugs Sold

Only generic versions are sold. There’s a wide selection of the categories of these drugs that you can acquire from this drugstore. They include:

  • Painkillers
  • Party Pills
  • Weight Loss Supplements
  • General Health Meds
  • Antiviral drugs

These drugs’ quality is questionable. There’s no proof that the drugs are checked for quality by relevant regulatory bodies. In fact, the pharmacy conceals their substandard nature by going behind “approval by the Indian FDA”. There’s no such thing and we know this trick. The country attached itself has been threat listed multiple times and that’s another red flag.


Compared to the prices in other similar pharmacies that offer the same types of drugs, this pharmacy’s charges are in excess by a significant figure. Owing to the drugs’ quality, there’s no sense in buying the medications at these prices.


The pharmacy’s website hasn’t invested in security to an important degree. The website only protects your privacy when it comes to checking out. A website visitor needs security right from the time they load into the website, to the end. Lack of security is dangerous to the wellbeing of a visitor’s device.

Regulatory Approvals

We checked for the company’s legitimacy across regulatory bodies both in the US and Europe in vain.

  • The website appears not in NABP’S database
  • It’s declared Rogue by LegitScript
  • GPhC doesn’t have it featured in its database, too

ScamAdviser trusts it at 64%, which also still implies that you have to be cautious while using the website. Based on the above statistics, the storefront smells illegitimate. There are a lot of dangers attached.

Payment and Delivery

If the pharmacy has succeeded in luring you to purchase their drugs, the following are the payment options you can use.

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • JCB and Diners Club
  • American Express

The payment web page is safe anyway, and the options are ostensibly a good number. Try your luck. Turning to deliveries, it must be made clear that up to now, there hasn’t been a single review to confirm the receipt of orders by a customer. But anyway, here are the pharmacy’s shipping options and their costs. Registered Airmail costs $14.95. It has an ETA of 7-20 days. You can choose to include a tracking number in the order, which has an unknown additional cost but reduces the ETA to 3-10 days. Express Delivery is done via EMS and costs $24.95. The option has an ETA of 3-10 days and always includes a tracking number.


We tried to find reviews for the online store in vain. The neutral review sites have no feedback for the pharmacy either. The website hasn’t yet been claimed on TrustPilot. The website owners must be using some services to keep off their testimonials from customers. This is a fraud. Since the website lacks testimonials and possibly hides them, there’s no proof of any good thing about it.

no feedback


This is an out-and-out rogue pharmacy. You won’t be safe buying medications from it. Just stay away and find an alternative pal. The poor quality drugs, bad business profile, and security only during checkout do not earn it much but poor trust rating. Be cautious!

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