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The drugstore’s tagline has it that it’s an online supplier of the highest quality fertility medications at lowest prices ever. IVFPharmacy.com promises to deliver quality, integrity, and transparency. It also claims to sell brand name medications alone, dismissing those who sell generics. But, claims and promises are never valid until fulfilled. Let’s now see if the drugstore conducts itself in a way that suggests it’s safe or not in the review below.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2006-11-22
Main Details
Drugstore NameIVF Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptUnapproved Status
Contact Info
Free Number1-800-935-6765
Contact Form
E-mail[email protected]
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Details

Details about the domain name registration history are available on WhoIs. There, it is recorded that the domain name was registered way back on 22-11-2006. Obviously, the age, as can be derived from this date suggests that this pharmacy has experience in conducting its duties – over 13 years of experience! Though some other important information is hidden by the pharmacy’s experts, we saw in the records that the website’s owner is from the United States. This gives us a hint about the website’s location, which is among the concealed details.


Business Profile

This involves looking at the profiles of those who’re around the store. We begin from the domain name registrar, GoDaddy. It is one of the companies with the highest number of cautions issued by the FDA. It has the habit of hosting websites known to run shady deals. Such a profile reduces our trust for all domain names registered under it, including the store in this review. Domains By Proxy, LLC is the company that runs this pharmacy. With it, there are just a few companies that run in its name. But, it hasn’t recorded bad management, which is good for the reputation of the shop.



As mentioned earlier, this shop deals in brand-name medications only, and the medications are exclusively for fertility. Claims are that it sources drugs from Europe and Israel, countries with no bad record of the type of drugs they produce. This sounds good, though can’t be justified. To acquire any drugs from it, you must have a valid prescription which you either fax or scan and send to +1-800 935 6568 or [email protected], respectively. We liked the pricing of drugs at this pharmacy. Brand-name medications are always quite pricey but the shop struggles to cut down the prices to affordable rates. This is commendable.


Regulatory Approvals

If a pharmacy is accredited to operate, it is 100% likely to be safe. If not, two things are involved: it’s unsafe or quite safe but not registered and popular to be declared so. Where does the online shop fall?

  • On LegitScript’s database, the pharmacy is recorded among those that are unapproved
  • NABP doesn’t have the pharmacy in its records hence it’s unapproved by the body, too
  • ScamAdviser, on its side, suggests that the pharmacy deserves a medium to positive trust score of 63%

Payment and Delivery

You don’t have to worry about your card’s security while making payments to the pharmacy. The payments page is secured by a valid SSL certificate. Options that you can use are:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Shipping charges are constant at $25. The pharmacy seemingly delivers to most countries worldwide. It claims to use only one courier service for delivery, which is trackable and takes 5-10 business days before arrival. Deliveries destined in the United States and Europe take fewer days (5-7 business days).

Customer Feedback

There are many customer testimonials on a page of the website. All of the reviewers seem to be happy with the services, as well as medications offered to them. However, we found it difficult to justify as to whether they’re from real customers or not. Due to that, we resorted to reliable feedback on the neutral, third-party websites like TrustPilot and MyWot. In both the sites, there were none as well despite the fact that this business is quite old. However, there are some comments found on Reddit.



It’s easy to see that the business deals in quality meds, at low prices, in a safe and easy-to-use platform, but with a significant number of limitations. It has the insufficient number of approvals, no genuine reviews and isn’t specific in its FAQ section. For such reasons, you should be very careful about this pharmacy. There are also some positive points such as attractive layout, the presence of contact info, a small risk according to ScamAdviser.

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