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One of the biggest trends taking the internet by storm over the past few decades is the establishment of online stores. There is an online presence for every type of store, ranging from clothing to groceries. As a result of this trend, it’s only natural that pharmacies join the movement. Countless Internet-based pharmacies have been established, and while some are legitimate and others are fraudulent, their presence is undeniable, and they’ve gained lots of popularity. The reason for this popularity is because they provide benefits that regular pharmacies don’t. The likes of which include, much-desired anonymity and privacy, delivery convenience, and at times, much affordable rates. However, the provision of such benefits should not act as a barrier to stop one from conducting thorough research before sourcing medication from these online pharmacies. We are going to analyze one of these pharmacies with the domain name

Domain Details
Date of Registry2018-12-25
CountryRussia, Netherlands
Main Details
Drugstore NameTrusted Tablets
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-800-532-4808
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

According to CuteStat, a website that specializes in domain websites and stats, the domain mentioned above is four months and three weeks old. This ultimately means that the domain has not yet been thoroughly analyzed to find server information as well as registrar identity, by websites such as WhoIs. Regardless of that fact, one can already get suspicious from the domain name alone. According to experts, a domain that hosts fraudulent activities is very much likely to include words like “guarantee” or “trusted” or even internationalized names in their domain, to lure customers to their site.


Business Profile

When you first visit the website, you are greeted by large advertisements of potent diseases; this is a significant determining factor of the legitimacy of an internet-based website. Although there are phone numbers, those are the only contact details on the website.


There are no email addresses and no physical ones. There is only a contact form to be filled out to receive any feedback. Also, the identities of the people in charge are not revealed. The pharmacy is going through great lengths, not to be transparent. This is highly suspicious and could be regarded as fraudulent behavior. Typical pharmacies give clients the option of speaking to a professional or a pharmacy attendant, whether online or offline, but this is not the case with this pharmacy, all you need to do is go to their website, order your medication, make necessary payments and wait for delivery. This pharmacy, therefore, breaks the set out rules for healthcare best-practice.

Regulatory Approvals

There is no evidence to prove that regulatory bodies such as the FDA have approved the pharmacy. The website has no claims stating that they provide their products and services through national industry best-practice.


Products and Pricing

The medication supplied has no evidence of stamping to state that they are approved by healthcare regulations. Although they require you to send a prescription to process your order, it is evident that they use this as a strategy to make themselves appear legitimate, because you are given the option of choosing the number of pills you want and this is unethical because medication quantity should be regulated. The products appear to be much cheaper than the one sold in regular pharmacies. Often this is a trait of counterfeit products. There are also many discounts that seem too good to be true, most probably to persuade unsuspecting clients from purchasing them.


Payment and Shipping

No common and well-known payment methods have been listed. The website claims to have an SSL certificate installed, however, the URL of the site does not include “https”, this is important because, to make payments online, you should be sure that your data is secure. For shipping methods, you have the option of choosing between:

  • International Express Mail
  • Standard Mail

International express mail is more expensive and provides tracking, and standard mail is affordable but does not provide tracking. They deliver to most countries in the world, except in some Asian countries.


The reviews of the website appear to be strategically written. All the reviews are positive, which should make anyone skeptical because even the most trusted companies like Facebook have negative reviews once in a while.



Considering all the aspects mentioned above, we will label a scamming online pharmacy. Ordering medication from online pharmacies can be dangerous and at times, fatal. Therefore, take your time to conduct research or stick to your regular pharmacy properly.

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