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KamagraDeal.com is an internet medical website based in the United Kingdom. They sell drugs that cater to men’s sexual health. Their goal is to provide cheaper medical alternatives to the expensive brand name drugs on the market.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2012-05-23
CountryUK, US
Main Details
Drugstore NameKamagra Deal
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue Status
Contact Info
Free Number+447520632828
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free ShippingUK up to 100 tabs/ 28 sachets
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

This website was created on the 23rd of May 2012. That makes it six-years-old. Six years is a neutral lifespan. In other words, the website is neither too old nor too young. You can trust that it has garnered enough experience from spending so many years as an active business on the internet pharmacy landscape. But you cannot definitively say that the website is legit. Though, its lifespan definitely earns the company quite a number of points.


Related Websites

There are no related websites. For a company with a weaker reputation, that would be problematic. Struggling companies tend to benefit from associations with stronger, more reliable websites. But this firm has a ScamAdviser trust rating of 100%. That makes it completely safe as far as ScamAdviser is concerned. In that regard, the site doesn’t really need the augmentation that a collection of related websites would bring to the table.

Business Profile

This company primarily exists online. It has a base of operations in the UK. But you can only interact with them over the internet. They sell medical products made by Ajanta Pharma, a manufacturer in India. They also stock a few other brands, all of them related to male sexual health. However, the drugs that come out of Ajanta Pharma are their bread and butter.


Their branding is closely associated with the UK and the EU. And most of their clients come from the UK and the EU. But they will also sell and deliver drugs to patients in international markets. They mirror most other online pharmacies. They have an online catalog that you must browse to identify the drugs you want. Afterward, initiating order is a simple matter of following a few basic instructions. The website is very basic. In fact, that might throw some people off guard. Little to no effort was made to give it a professional look. They don’t even have proper customer support. If you have questions, you can only reach the people behind the scenes through an SMS Support system. This set up paints the picture of a company that doesn’t really care about presentation. Their only objective is to sell drugs to the people who want them. They have no interest in making a positive impression.

Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript has classified this online firm as a rogue pharmacy. It doesn’t have any accreditation or license permitting it to dispense drugs of any kind.


Available Products

The website’s primary offering is Kamagra. It sells various other cheaper variations of popular drugs that treat male sexual ailments. But Kamagra is their bread and butter. You don’t need a prescription to buy drugs. The website will give you whatever you ask for regardless of whether or not it is suitable for your illness.


Payments and Deliveries

The medicine sold on this website is quite cheap. This can be attributed to the fact that the drugs are mostly generic. And generic drugs are much cheaper to acquire than branded drugs. Medicine manufactured in India is also quite inexpensive. When it comes to payments, the available options include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfers
  • Credit Cards

The fact that they don’t accept credit cards of any kind or even PayPal will come as a shock. When it comes to shipping, options include First Class Signed Delivery which can take up to three days for customers in the UK and Guaranteed Next Day Delivery. Traceable shipping costs $12. Non-traceable shipping costs $2.


This website has surprisingly great reviews from TrustPilot. One customer commended them for their quick deliveries, effective pills, and unobtrusive packaging. Another customer said that the website delivered the wrong pills to them. But when they realized their mistake, they sent the right pills the very next day.

excellent rating


On the surface, it doesn’t look particularly professional. It lacks all the attributes of a solid internet pharmacy. But the company has many clients most of whom seem perfectly happy with their services. And that suggests that they are doing a lot of things right.

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