Reviews – Unhappy Feedback is a drugstore offering a fixed cost for brand medications. Not everyone will qualify for the service provided by the store, but if you do, the costs will be cheaper than you are used to. We look at the service provided to see if they are worth your time.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2004-01-08
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameNice RX
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptLegitimate status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-866-407-0777
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

The website address being used by NiceRx has been registered since 2004. This is a lot longer than many online pharmacies we see and should indicate that they are more legit.

registered in 2004

In the domain name records, the pharmacy is registered to Nice Health Ltd. which is located in Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom. While it is surprising that they are located in a different country than the USA, the business name used is similar to the pharmacy name and seems genuine.

Business Profile

The drugstore gives a business location on their website that tells us that they are located in Miami, Florida. When checking this address we find a downtown office location.


While we cannot be completely certain that they are operating from premises within this building, it does seem likely that these are where their offices are based.

Regulatory Approvals

Since this pharmacy is operating in the United States of America, they need to follow the rules from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.


The store does display a seal from the .pharmacy program operated by the NABP. When we check the validity of this seal, we do find they are correctly regulated by the organization.


When we check NiceRx on the LegitScript website, we do find that they consider them to be a legit drugstore. This indicates that the pharmacy has the correct regulatory approvals to be operating in the United States of America and should ensure the service they provide is safe.

Service Offered

This pharmacy offers a service to residents of the United States who would otherwise be unable to afford the medicine they need. This business links customers who meet their eligibility requirements with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The service is intended for people on low incomes who would otherwise be unable to pay for medicine, and the medicine is actually free. This doesn’t mean the customer of the pharmacy pays nothing, there is a service fee of $49 per month per medication. They call themselves a prescription advocacy service, though since they are not funded by government organizations, they have to charge fees.

popular medicine

The available medications are also limited, though they do offer around 1,500 treatments. The costs to the customer are very straightforward, whichever of the treatment options is required will cost $49 per month. The pharmacy only offers brand medications direct from the pharmaceutical companies.

Since the medication is dispensed by the pharmaceutical companies in the United States, it should be safe for customers of this pharmacy.

Payment and Shipping

The pharmacy site is secure, and you can pay using major credit cards. The business will bill you each month for the meds you have received. If you have health insurance but your copays are high, you might still be able to qualify for this service. It is unlikely that your insurance will pay for using this service, however.

Shipping is free when you use this website. Shipping times when you use this service can be between 6 and 8 weeks for your first shipment, something that could put people off using them. Reviews

There are some reviews found on Trustpilot. However, the feedback received is very mixed, with some customers experiencing poor customer service.


Though this isn’t a good thing to discover, the pharmacy does respond to all their negative feedback, which is a good sign. In some of their feedback, they acknowledge problems and suggest more training is needed for customer service representatives.

Though finding negative feedback isn’t exactly great, when a pharmacy has a lot of customers this is inevitable, and they are naturally more likely to leave comments.


The service provided by this pharmacy is unusual, offering free medication direct from the manufacturer. They are correctly regulated, however, and offer lower costs than many more traditional options.

While this pharmacy seems to be legit and provides safe medication for customers at lower costs, it isn’t without problems. They have certainly had some issues with customer support.

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2 thoughts on “ Reviews – Unhappy Feedback”

  1. NiceRX is taking withdrawals from my account but haven’t received medication. They don’t answer my phone calls because the number on app is the same whatever you read and says not correct please check again


    • I’m sorry to hear about it. You should try contacting their customer support to resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, you can dispute the charges with your bank or credit card company and consider filing a complaint or seeking legal help if necessary.


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