Pills4USA.com Reviews – Not Genuine

Pills4USA.com is a drugstore that offers a 20% discount and free worldwide shipping. We look at what they are offering to their customers and find they are lacking in many ways.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2021-12-07
Main Details
Drugstore NamePills 4 USA
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+1-814-310-0376
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

Pills 4 USA hasn’t been online for very long with their domain registration from December 2021. A short registration like this makes it more likely that the store is a scam, however.

registered in 2021

We cannot find any information about the owner of the pharmacy in the domain registration. They have chosen to use a privacy service that hides these details from customers or anyone else. Though this doesn’t make them look all that good, it isn’t necessarily an issue.

Business Contact Details

Despite this business using a domain name with “USA” in it, they aren’t actually located in that country. Instead, they provide a partial address showing they are operating from Surat, India.

may be fake

Looking at this address shows that it is the location of a business development though we cannot see the name of this pharmacy located there. This could be because they have only recently moved to the area, or they are using a different name for their pharmacy. The other option could be this is a fake address but we do not believe that is the case.

Regulatory Approvals

The business doesn’t offer any regulatory seals to show that they have approval from government agencies. This increases the risks with this store and could mean that the pills offered by them aren’t as high quality as you would hope.

Tablets Available

The store sells generic medications that seem to be manufactured in India. While the store does offer generic pills from India their prices aren’t as low as we normally expect. The product pages do provide some information about who the manufacturer of the drug actually is, which is relatively good.

Treatment options include:

  • Anxiety medications
  • Pain pills
  • Sleeping tablets
  • Smart pills
  • Men’s health drugs

While they say that these treatments are authentic and genuine there’s no way that we can be sure of this. The store also claims to be approved by the authorities of a number of countries including the United States, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, they provide no evidence of this claim whatsoever.

false claims

If they did actually have approval from these countries they would have some evidence to prove it is true. Most of the time these countries will only approve online pharmacies that are based in their own country and not drugstores based in India. So the claims that this pharmacy is approved in these countries is false.

popular drugs

The fact that these company has decided to lie about this suggests they are more likely to be a scam.

Payment and Shipping

The checkout pages of the website do have some security, and you can choose to pay for your pills via either direct bank transfer or debit and credit cards.

There is only a flat rate option when you order from this store. This will cost you $30 and you can expect delivery in up to 15 business days. Shipping is free when you decide to spend more than $199 on pills from this drugstore.

Pills4USA.com Reviews

The pharmacy does only have two Pills4USA.com reviews on the website, but we don’t believe these to be genuine.

1 star

Feedback on independent websites is better, but we only found one and that isn’t good. They have been left a 1-star rating on the Complaint Room website though there isn’t any message provided.

Though this isn’t much to go on, it does show that there are some people who do not believe the pharmacy is reliable. We would expect a reputable pharmacy that offers a reliable service to customers, to have some feedback showing this was the case.

This means that purchasing from this pharmacy is riskier than other options.


There are many reasons for us to believe that this is not a good place to purchase medication from. They don’t appear to have any genuine regulation and they are claiming to be approved by many different countries when there is no evidence for this.

There is only one indication of anyone providing feedback, but even that isn’t good.

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