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When it comes to online pharmacies, emerges as a potential solution for those seeking affordable and dependable pharmaceutical services. Promising expedited delivery, this platform boasts a vast selection of both generic and brand-name medications, conveniently available under one digital roof. Understanding the importance of trust and reliability in the pharmaceutical sector, this review aims to meticulously examine’s operations. The goal is to provide a thorough assessment of its credibility and trustworthiness, aiding consumers in making informed decisions about their pharmacy needs.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2016-11-09
Main Details
Drugstore NamePharmacy Mall
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-718-487-9792
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

The domain was registered on 09-11-2016 and last updated on 07-09-2023, with an expiration date of 08-11-2024. Its registration in Russia casts doubts on its origin.

in business since 2016

Moreover, the lack of disclosed information about the owner and organization is concerning, potentially impacting transparency. This anonymity could lead to questions about the legitimacy of the website’s operations. Customers may hesitate to trust a platform where key details are hidden, emphasizing the importance of transparency in the online pharmaceutical industry.

  • Domain registered on: 09-11-2016
  • Address provided: Russia
  • Phone number: No

Business Profile

The business profile of raises significant concerns about its legitimacy. With a TrustScore of 1/100 on, it garners the lowest possible rating, signaling potential risks for consumers. The absence of any customer reviews on further adds to suspicions regarding its credibility.

low trust score

Additionally, the website’s design bears resemblance to those of other dubious online pharmacies, casting doubt on its authenticity. These factors collectively paint a dubious picture of’s business profile, prompting caution among potential customers.

  • Organization name: No
  • Address provided: No
  • Phone number: +1-718-487-9792

Regulatory Approvals lacks essential regulatory approvals crucial for online pharmacies. Notably, it features on NABP “not recommended” list, indicating potential non-compliance with industry standards. has categorized as “rogue”, further raising concerns about its legitimacy.


Moreover, the absence of membership in CIPA suggests a lack of commitment to safety protocols. Consequently, consumers are advised to exercise caution when considering purchasing medications from, as the safety and authenticity of its products may be compromised.

Available Products and Pricing predominantly offers men’s and women’s health medications, a common tactic employed by fraudulent sites to attract customers. They entice buyers with incentives like free shipping for orders exceeding $200, complimentary pills with every purchase, and advertise low prices as the “best on the web.”

men's related drugs

While these offers may seem appealing, customers should approach with caution, as such tactics are often used by scam websites to deceive unsuspecting buyers. The emphasis on these specific medications and attractive incentives raises doubts about the legitimacy of’s offerings.

Payment and Shipping Methods provides various payment methods accessible on the billing page. Their shipping options include Airmail, with a standard delivery period of 2-3 weeks, though some packages may arrive sooner. Alternatively, EMS Courier Delivery offers a quicker delivery time frame of 3-8 business days, though delays at customs could extend this period.

While these shipping methods offer flexibility to customers, potential delays and uncertainties, particularly with customs, may impact the reliability of’s shipping services. Customers should consider these factors before making a purchase. Reviews lacks customer feedback on and does not appear to have a presence on Additionally, while the website displays testimonials, their authenticity is questionable, suggesting they may be fabricated.

no reviews

The absence of independent customer reviews and the reliance on potentially unreliable testimonials raise doubts about the credibility and trustworthiness of as an online pharmacy. Consumers are advised to approach with caution and seek alternative sources of information before making any purchases from this website.

Conclusion presents several concerning indicators that warrant caution. Its absence of regulatory approvals, lack of independent customer reviews, and reliance on potentially fabricated testimonials raise doubts about its legitimacy.

Moreover, the focus on men’s and women’s health medications, coupled with offers such as free shipping and low prices, align with patterns commonly observed in scam online pharmacies. Given these factors, consumers are advised to exercise vigilance and consider alternative, more reputable sources for their pharmaceutical needs.

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