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Online pharmacies like offer a convenient and potentially cost-effective way to access prescription drugs. However, the advantages of ordering medications online come with inherent risks that need careful consideration. This review aims to provide a clear and unbiased examination of Such analysis is crucial for consumers seeking to understand the reliability and safety of purchasing medications through this digital platform.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2023-05-05
Main Details
Drugstore NamePink Viva
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

The domain information of provides essential insights into its online presence. Registered on 05-05-2023, with its latest update on 11-07-2023, the domain is currently set to expire on 05-05-2024, subject to renewal.

registered in 2023

A notable point of concern is the concealment of key details, such as the owner’s name and the organization’s identity, often considered a red flag in the digital realm. While these aspects are suggestive, a comprehensive evaluation of requires further examination of its business profile and regulatory compliances to form a conclusive judgment on its authenticity.

  • Domain registered on: 05-05-2023
  • Address provided: No
  • Phone number: +7.4955801111

Business Profile

The business profile of plays a crucial role in assessing its legitimacy. Currently, it holds a TrustScore of 52/100 on, accompanied by a cautionary note labeling the website as “suspicious.” This score, though not definitively negative, does raise concerns.


Furthermore, the absence of customer reviews on contributes to the uncertainty surrounding the site. Additionally, is reportedly based in India, a factor that may lead to questions about the quality and standards of its pharmaceutical products. These elements collectively paint a picture that warrants caution and further investigation for potential users.

  • Organization name: No
  • Address provided: India
  • Phone number:

Regulatory Approvals

Assessing the regulatory standing of is crucial in evaluating its credibility as an online pharmacy. Notably, is not listed as a member of CIPA, a key credential for legitimate online pharmacies. Additionally, its absence from the NABP database further questions its regulatory compliance.


Compounding these concerns, has been categorized as “rogue” by, a clear indicator that the site may not adhere to safe pharmaceutical practices. This status suggests that the medications offered by could potentially be unsafe for consumption.

Available Products and Pricing’s product range primarily centers on men’s and women’s health medications, a common niche in the online pharmacy market. Each product’s price is prominently displayed on the main page, providing clear visibility for potential buyers. However, a point of concern arises with the indication that these medicines are manufactured in India.

popular pills

While not inherently problematic, this detail often raises questions about the quality and regulatory compliance of the products, especially in the context of an online pharmacy. Such factors are important for consumers to consider when evaluating the trustworthiness and safety of purchasing from

Payment and Shipping Methods implements a shipping fee policy, a common practice in online retail. Delivery times are standardized, with a promise of parcel arrival within six business days, regardless of the destination. Customers are advised to be mindful of the expected delivery date when placing an order.

In terms of payment options, offers a range of commonly used methods, including MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and VISA. This variety of payment options provides convenience but should be weighed alongside other factors when assessing the overall trustworthiness of Reviews

The presence and authenticity of customer reviews are critical in evaluating online pharmacies like A significant concern arises from the fact that has no customer reviews listed on independent platforms like, which is often relied upon for unbiased consumer feedback.

may be manipulated

Additionally, while displays testimonials on its own website, the authenticity of these reviews is questionable, as they could be fabricated. The need for verifiable customer feedback on third-party sites and the possibility of inauthentic testimonials cast doubt on the reliability and customer satisfaction associated with

Conclusion exhibits several red flags that potential customers should consider. The lack of transparency in its domain information, questionable business profile, absence of regulatory approvals, and dubious customer reviews collectively suggest a need for caution.

Additionally, concerns about the origin and quality of its products, along with unclear payment and shipping policies, further contribute to doubts about its legitimacy. Consumers are advised to exercise due diligence and seek more trustworthy alternatives for their pharmaceutical needs.

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