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Purexpills.com is an online drugstore that sells both generic and branded medication and also beauty products. The site claims to be based in the United States with a phone number for the USA being displayed in multiple locations on the website. There is also an order page featured on this drugstore website where you can log in and track the orders that you have made on this site. We will be going through this website in this review and making sure that all the claims that they make are true.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2016-11-10
Main Details
Drugstore NamePure Rx Pills
Regulatory Approvals
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Free Number+1-970-528-22-37
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Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
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E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

This website was first created on the 10th of November 2016 with the website last being updated on the 2nd of October 2019. The pharmacy website is set to currently expire on the 9th of November 2020.

registered in 2016

No information is currently available on this online pharmacy about when it was founded and how long it has been in business for which should make you cautious when using this site.

Business Profile

Moreover, there is no information about who owns and runs this drugstore website with the only information available featuring a fake address that says that the site is based in Russia while having a non-Russian street address.

74% of trust

On Scamadviser, this pharmaceutical website has a trust score of 74% with a label that says ‘high-risk country identified for this site’.

Regulatory Approval

A lot of claims are made on this online pharmacy about them being part of the American Food and Drug Administration but when we tried to verify whether this is true we were able to find no evidence. Additionally, there is no evidence of this online drugstore being a verified member of other regulatory bodies such as CIPA and MIPA.


On LegitScript, this online drugstore is rated as ‘rogue’ as it does not meet the verification and public disclosure requirements.

Products and Pricing

Hundreds of products are available for sale on this website that can be found through the menu on the left-hand side and also by listing all the products from A to Z.

Best Features of This Platform

Also, 256-bit encryption is promised on this site for all orders that people make which are supposed to protect your payment and personal information from hackers.

  • Thyroid Health, in this category you are able to buy medication that supplies your body with hormones that are needed for your body to use up its energy property and maintain a healthy metabolic rate. This is used for people who have a thyroid gland disorder where their body does not produce the needed amount of hormones that are usually produced by your thyroid gland.
  • Mental Health, a very important aspect of everyone’s life, here you can buy medication that does a variety of tasks such as maintain the function of the nerves in your brain and also tackle dementia.
  • Detox, no serious medication is available in this category instead you can get pill-based products that help detox your body and your digestive system.
  • Antibiotics used to fight bacteria-based diseases, antibiotics are one of the most important types of medication in the world that save tens of millions of lives every year. In this product category, you can find a lot of different medications that can help fight and prevent bacteria-induced diseases.
  • Pain Relief, in the pain relief section you are able to find all sorts of pain relief drugs that can deal with external and internal pain.

Payment and Shipping

Right now you are only able to pay using credit cards processing companies such as Visa, Mastercard and the Discover card which is an easy and convenient way to pay with a fairly easy way to initiate a refund if needed in the majority of cases.

standart modes

This pharmaceutical e-commerce platform also promises free Registered Airmail shipping for 99% of all their orders around the world. Unfortunately, this sounds too good to be true and you should, therefore, be very skeptical when using this drugstore site.


No third party reviews are available about this online pharmacy which is not good considering that this pharmaceutical website has existed since 2016. The reason for this is that this drugstore website does not get a high number of visitors.

most likely to be fake

Testimonials can be found on the online pharmacy platform itself on the product description pages, however, they should not be trusted as they are most likely created by the owners of the e-commerce drugstore.

Is Website a Scam or Legit?

This online drugstore is a scam that tries really hard to convince its users that it is legitimate by incorporating a high-quality website design and including a lot of purposely false information in the hope that no one double checks it.

On URL Void, there are as of writing this article no warnings most likely due to the fact that this drugstore website has a very low number of visitors.


To conclude, Purexpills.com has no proven track record and therefore we do not recommend anyone to use it. Additionally, they are not part of any regulatory bodies and there is no information about their owners which is required by law.

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