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Going online for a quick medication check and buying it is always good. However, It may not always be a sure thing. Medication is a critical and sensitive matter to handle, and a thorough review is needed to ensure it is legit. In the case of UnitedMedicines.com, such a review is needed as this online drugstore claims it is an effective and legitimate website for all your online medicine needs. Let us find out in this unitedmedicines.com review if it is a trusted brand or just another scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2020-02-15
Main Details
Drugstore NameUnited Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-551-333-8270
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

What is UnitedMedicines.com

This online pharmacy offers its customers easy drug access through its online platform. These drugs are generic ones that are manufactured and distributed all over the world. They source their medicines from available providers around the globe and ship them to those in need at an alarmingly cheap price and shipping fee. A total clickbait to lure you into their scam.

brief info

Claiming to have the vision to provide individuals the chance to be equipped with the prescription drugs they need at a very affordable and reasonable price is their goal. They also offer discreet shipping and other freebies to cover up their fraudulent activities. Their team of experts and panel of professionals seem to be quite sketchy.

No license numbers, such as medical, practicing medical professional, or even any certifications, are provided in their info. You will see that it is just a stock photo of a doctor in general with a common and real-like name.

Their Products

The products they have are over-the-counter, generic, and unbranded medicines that address complications in fitness and weight loss, impotence and performance enhancement, bone pains, steroids, and other pain and difficulties in need of medication and care.


The process behind their products is that they manufacture it abroad, substitute the original chemicals and components of the drug into its synthetic counterpart, and ship it to the distributor or seller, in this case, their online drugstore. Though there are replacements, they claim that it is still effective and highly safe substitutes.

Once more, these unitedmedicines.com reviews all go back to the roads of fishing out potential audiences and customers to pay upfront for an experience they are shy about talking about to doctors. A classical maneuver being done by active and professional scammers. The trick they do to change the drug’s components is a warning sign up front. Generic medicines still need certifications and approvals, which do not have any.

Terms and Conditions

They highly use a generator for their terms and conditions, which means unitedmedicines.com do not even make the time and effort to compose their own terms and conditions, which are guiding policies and clauses making any transaction safe between you as the client and their team.


They only have terms and conditions addressed to their site itself, not the business transaction. Protection of the site is done so that they can scam you continuously without having to take down this website, as it has guiding policies that need to be abided by the website. A very good idea for a scapegoat plan or fallback just in case they hit the fan and get caught as a fraudulent site.

Policies of Unitedmedicines.com

They have stated that they do not hold any liabilities and have prohibitions to client deaths, injuries, and further complications as they give easy access to medicines with or without a proper prescription, such as outdated prescriptions, no signatures from official doctors, etc. They have pre-stated that there are not at fault when the customer decides to switch to their generic medicines to get a cheaper version of what is prescribed.

Customer Reviews and testimonials

On the site, there are many testimonials and comments from the customer feedback that is already very sketchy and problematic as their team only does it.


Unitedmedicines.com reviews state that all are effective, good, and almost perfect and are too good to be true. In general, something too good to be true will likely be very different and not true.


Finally, this unitedmedicines.com review shows that the online platform they operate deserves a low rating. It is a scam and fraudulent business that capitalizes on sensitive and discreet access to medicines in generic brands and subpar components. They do not have any approvals, certifications, endorsements, or even other legitimate sources that their medicines and operations are the best, just as they claim.

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