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Unipillz.com is an online drugstore that sells mostly generic branded medical with a limited amount of branded products, the website has the slogan of ‘protect your health with maximum effect’. There are a few ways available to get in contact with the admins of this online pharmacy through the phone numbers provided in the footer section of the website, the contact us forms and the live chat feature. Furthermore, you can subscribe to the email list to get updated on any developments that occur on this pharmaceutical website. In this article, we are going to be thoroughly reviewing this and checking if it is actually safe to use.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2017-10-22
CountryUnited States
Main Details
Drugstore NameOnline Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free NumberUS: +1-888-524-7141
UK: +44-808-189-1420
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

The domain for this online drugstore was first registered on the 22nd of October 2017 and last updated on the 30th of October 2019. Moreover, the domain is currently set to expire on the 22nd of October 2020.

registered in 2017

There is no mention anywhere on the pharmaceutical website itself about how long it has been in business, this should make you extra wary when using this online pharmacy as they are not being transparent from the outset.

Business Profile

Additionally, there is no information available online about the company or individuals behind this e-commerce platform as the website is registered through a third-party hosting company called Openprovider who is based in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. However publicly available information lists the website as being based in Ohio, the United States however there is no extra information provided to support this claim.

incomplete information

On Scamadviser, this online drugstore has a trust score of 90% however it is important to keep in mind that this online shopping platform is still very new and it will likely drop in trust score as more information about it comes to the surface.

Regulatory Approval

This pharmaceutical website claims to be operating within the law with all of the products that it is selling apparently being licensed, however again there is no information provided. When we checked the online database of leading pharmaceutical regulatory bodies such as CIPA, MIPA and the CPA we were not able to find any information connected to this online drugstore.


On LegitScript, this e-commerce pharmacy is rated as ‘rogue’ for not meeting the regulatory verification requirements and also the information disclosure requirements.

Products and Pricing

All of the products on this online pharmacy site can be found easily through a couple of ways, such as by using the search box integrated into the website as well as the alphabetically ordered product list that is located on the left-hand side on the homepage of the website.

Best-Selling Products on This Platform

You also have a cart feature on this website that allows you to save products that you want to buy and continue shopping with ease and then finally checkout once you have selected all the products that you are interested in buying.

  • Men’s Health, in the men’s health product category you can find mineral and vitamin supplements as well as other types of medication that help deal with problems that only males suffer from.
  • Quit Smoking, in this section, there are products that help reduce the cravings associated with people trying to recover from a smoking addiction as well as antidepressants to help regulate people’s moods during their recovery period.
  • Arthritis, here you buy products that prevent or limit the development of arthritis in customers as well as products that help manage the condition so that it is less of a burden on the lives of sufferers.
  • Eye Drop, the majority of the eye drops for sale on this drugstore website are for glaucoma which is a condition where pressure builds up on the website and also hypotrichosis which is where your eyelashes do not grow to equal lengths.
  • Anti-viral, in this product category you can find medication for all of the most common illnesses caused by viruses such as herpes, cold sores, and angina.

Payment and Shipping

There are two types of payment methods listed as available on this pharmacy website, the first is to pay through popular credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard and then you have the option to pay through a third party escrow system called ACH where rather than paying the seller directly you pay into a bank account of a third party however even this payment method still poses a scam risk.

lots of methods

Similar to the payment methods, there are two shipping methods to choose from on this online drugstore the first is the Standard shipping method which takes between 14 and 21 days to be fulfilled and then you have the Express shipping method which takes approximately 5 to 9 days for your order to be delivered using this method.

Customer Reviews

As of writing this article, there is only one review on a third party website about this online pharmacy however this review seems fake as it does not actually review the website instead it just tries to convince you to use it.

fake reviews

Furthermore, there are testimonials hosted on the drugstore website itself, the majority of which are positive but they should not be trusted as they are on the website that they are reviewing, therefore, they cannot be trusted.

Is Website a Scam or Legit?

This e-commerce drugstore is a scam website that employs fake information on the pharmacy website itself as well as multiple third-party websites most likely owned by the same individuals to try and give an air of legitimacy about this drugstore website.

On URL Void, there are currently no warnings about this online pharmacy however this may change as the website gets older.


To conclude, Unipillz.com is an online pharmacy that is operating illegally since it is not part of any regulatory bodies and it also hides the identities of the companies and individuals that own and manage the website, therefore, you should not risk paying for any medication from this website.

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