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common view is a drugstore that makes a lot of the fact that they are based in the US. However, our look at the details of this business suggests that they aren’t really located in America. This is just one of many problems with this pharmacy though, don’t make a purchase at this store before you read our findings.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2018-07-23
Main Details
Drugstore NameUSA Chemist
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-702-965-3395
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

The domain name information for this website shows that the domain was registered in 2018. While this is longer than some pharmacies we find, it isn’t that long and could suggest that this store is more likely to be a scam.

registered in 2018

Adding to this is the fact that they claim to have been in business since 2010. This isn’t possible given the information in the domain name records.

There is a little information in the domain name records about where the owner of this website resides, and it tells us that they are in Pennsylvania, USA.

Business Profile

While this pharmacy is doing everything it can to appear to be a US-based drugstore, they don’t go as far as giving their address. They have USA in their website address, and even use the star-spangled banner in their header image.


However, reading the small print on the site seems to show that this pharmacy is based in Cyprus. The business name Centralux Limited is used in the terms and conditions on the site, and they claim to be following Cypriot laws. How they can claim to be a USA business is anyone’s guess.

This discrepancy between what they are claiming publicly on the site and the details hidden in the terms and conditions, makes them seem more like a scam pharmacy.

Regulatory Approvals

If this pharmacy was really based in the United States of America, they would need to be following the VIPPS program from the NABP. However, they do not display any of these important seals on their site and therefore they are not operating legally within the US.

status: rogue

When we check with LegitScript, they agree. They have given this pharmacy their lowest possible rating of a rogue organization. This indicates that the pharmacy isn’t following the proper protocols to safely supply their customers.

Medication Sold

This pharmacy appears to be mostly selling generic alternatives of men’s health drugs. Their prices aren’t the lowest we’ve seen online despite being generic pills.

men's health drugs

As we have previously mentioned, there are some discrepancies over where this pharmacy is located, so we don’t know where the pills are dispensed. There is potentially a huge and dangerous problem with this.

Since we don’t know where the meds are being dispensed from, there is a greater chance that they won’t be high-quality. If you order from this pharmacy, you might get pills that look like they should, but do they contain the ingredients they should? There is no way of telling just by looking at the meds.

Payment Methods

Payment takes place on a different site that does have some security. They allow you to pay using the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bank cards


Delivery is via first-class mail at a cost of $35. They give a delivery time of 2 to 7 days, which could indicate that the pills aren’t being sent from the US like they want you to believe. Further to this, on the payment page, they change this to 5 to 7 days. Reviews

They do operate a testimonials page containing a lot of great reviews. However, there appears to be something wrong with these customer comments.


Reading through them, they don’t appear to be genuine. The first few reviews are very similar in nature as well. Perhaps suggesting that they were written by the same person. Fake customer feedback is all too common on scam pharmacy stores, and it certainly appears to be the case here.


There are many issues with this pharmacy, the most obvious being the confusion over where they are actually based. Why would a pharmacy pretend to be in the USA when they aren’t, probably because they are a scam.

There are many reasons not to choose this pharmacy for your medical needs and not many things going in its favor. Look at other options for your medicine.

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