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You may have to search to find out about the legitimacy of some websites. It is only possible to find the scam after research. You can find the legitimacy of some websites by reading the website name. is a scam website because a website cannot operate in the USA using this name. The authorities will ban the website from advertising prescription medicines. We will guide you about all the aspects of this website to confirm the website is a scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2012-08-05
Main Details
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-888-524-7141
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain information

The domain was registered on 05-08-2012. It is better to consider that the company has bought an old website domain to run a new scam website.

registered in 2012

They have made all the information about the website domain private. It also indicates that the website owner does not want to give his contact details. It is impossible to find their address if they decide to keep the medicines after the payment. Most scam websites keep their information private. It is better to buy from a website with all information in the domain information section.

Business profile

We cannot call this website an online pharmacy as they do not fill prescriptions. They are only selling intimate disease-related medicines. You will find all the prescription medicines on their home page. They allow you to choose the medicines from the list without giving a prescription. It tells us that they are operating an illegal business.

not required

All pharmacies run under the supervision of a pharmacist. They will dispense prescription medicines after you show them the prescription. It should raise a red flag when the company does not ask for a prescription for intimate health medicines.


We tried to find the word license on their home page and the FAQ section. After a detailed analysis, we did not find anything relevant. We can conclude that they are operating the business without a license. All accreditation bodies issue their certificates according to the business name on the facility license.


As they do not have a pharmacy license, they can’t apply for accreditation in any authentic organization. They do not have professional medical staff to handle the medical queries. You can only ask them about the delivery status on the live chat section.


Most websites in this field have many security features. People trust secure websites. Most customers do not like to share their credit card details with the new website. Some websites give the option to check the viruses and worms on the website. SSL certificate is the most abundant security feature of e-commerce websites these days.

ssl certificate only has an SSL certificate. It is not suitable to consider the website secure as there are other ways to scam. They claim that their medical supplies are approved by the FDA. We checked the status of some brands on the website. Some of the brands are not registered with the FDA. It indicates that they are giving false information. We can say the website is a scam.

Payment and shipping methods

They have limited payment options. You can buy from them using the credit cards of Visa, Master, and E-checks. Most companies are accepting Paypal these days.

cards and airmail, ems

Accepting only credit card payments is not a good aspect for the company.

It is easy to buy medical supplies from this store. You can search for the products on the home page. The bill will show on the top of the page. You can go to the checkout page and pay using your credit card. They will send the products through Airmail or EMS.

Customer reviews

They have a testimonials section on the home page. There is a long list of fake customer reviews. There is no date for posting the review as all the reviews appear to be written by one person. It is also a form of false information.

not found

There are no reviews for the company on the Trustpilot. An online company can not have ten years of experience without reviews on Trustpilot. It is easy to conclude that their claim of ten years of experience is a scam.


It became evident that the website has been scamming people after looking at the domain name. Many other factors also indicated that they are doing illegal business.

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