Reviews – Fooling Their Customers

common view is a drugstore which claims to be a world-famous Canadian pharmacy. They say that they sell high-quality drugs to worldwide customers, but can they really be trusted. Our look at this operation shows us that they are keen to lie and misrepresent things to fool their customers. Read our review to avoid being fooled.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2019-05-19
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free NumberUS: +1-718-487-9792
UK: +4420-3239-7092
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

The information found in the domain name record reveals to us that this store can’t have been in business for very long.

registered in 2018

The domain was registered just over a year ago and this increases the likelihood of this pharmacy being a scam many times over.

Not helping in this initial picture, is the fact that they are using a domain privacy service to hide who has registered the domain. This isn’t normally something which we find with reputable online drugstores and is another area of concern.

Mirror Stores

When we go to this store for the first time, the pharmacy isn’t as new to us as we would expect. The reason for this is because this site is a mirror of many pharmacies we have seen before. They are selling the same products, contain the same text and give the same information.

These other pharmacies weren’t found to be good places to purchase medication from, and this means that the same is true of this store. The other mirror pharmacies include:

Business Profile

Like the other mirror pharmacies, this site gives the business name “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd” without giving an address. This business name seems to be fake as we aren’t able to find confirmation of the business on the Canadian Government website database.

the only result

The only result we find is a dissolved business with a slightly different name. This shows that there is no such business registered in Canada and shows that this is fake information to make the site seem legit.

Regulatory Approvals

They say on the site that they are operating using an international license. However, there isn’t any genuine system of regulation which works internationally for pharmacies. Different countries have different laws and, therefore, an international license isn’t possible.

This is another lie to make the pharmacy seem to be more reputable than it actually is.

A check with LegitScript confirms our findings. They give the pharmacy their lowest rating of a rogue business which violates the law for the countries it sells to.

the lowest

Medications Available

This pharmacy is selling generic and brand name drugs on their pages. The best sellers on the store are men’s health drugs and they even give away free samples of this type with every order. They also offer among other treatments:

men's health pills
  • Antibiotics
  • Arthritis meds
  • Herbal
  • Diabetes treatments
  • Weight loss pills

The pills are cheap but they don’t give any information about where the meds are dispensed from. This leaves us unable to verify that the pills are dispensed safely and raises the chances of the drugs being of a low-quality.

Another problem is that they don’t require a prescription for the pills that they sell. This means that you could be putting your life at risk when ordering from the store, not only from low-quality drugs but there could be unfortunate reactions with other medication you are taking.

Payment and Shipping

Payment is taken on a different website entirely and they will accept the following forms of money transfer:

free shipping for big orders
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

If you go through with an order from this store they will give you two options for shipping.

Airmail is the cheapest and also the longest delivery time at 2 or 3 weeks, costing $9.95. EMS promises a delivery time of 3 to 8 business days and costs $19.95. EMS also has a tracking number provided. Reviews

There is a testimonial page containing reviews. If you think this is a good thing to find, you would be mistaken. All of the comments found on this page are fake and also show up on the other mirror pharmacy sites.

fake and copied

The use of fake testimonials, like this, shows that they are happy to mislead their customers, indicating that they shouldn’t be trusted.


This is a mirror pharmacy which shares the same products as other sites which we have found to be scams. We don’t know who really operates the store and their claim of being a Canadian pharmacy seems unlikely. You would be taking a big risk by ordering from this pharmacy.

Possible alternatives

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2 thoughts on “ Reviews – Fooling Their Customers”

  1. I ordered twice and received my order without any problems, no matter what your program says is a pharmacy that sends the drugs and at a lower price than those rated with 85% confidence, who may pay you to raise their rating

    • Thank you for sharing your positive experience! I’m glad to hear that you received your orders smoothly. It’s important to note that the reviews are voluntary and unpaid. While the pharmacy you mentioned may have a lower rating in terms of confidence, it’s possible that they have successfully served customers like you.

      However, in case any issues arise, having a pharmacy with a high 85% rating provides a level of assurance. If you ever encounter problems, pharmacies with higher ratings are more likely to have a track record of addressing customer concerns. It’s always a good idea to have reliable options to turn to.


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