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Overnightpharm.com is a pharmaceutical website that sells a wide variety of medication and drugs that are organized neatly in alphabetical order on the website. At the very top of the website in the left-hand corner, there are two phone numbers displayed. One of which is for the United States while the other is for residents of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, a live chat feature is available using a button located near the bottom of a site as well as an interactive contact form on a separate page of the website. We are going to be examining this drugstore website in detail throughout this article to allow you to figure out if it is actually safe to use. 

Domain Details
Date of Registry2020-08-22
Main Details
Drugstore NameTablets
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptNot in the database
Contact Info
Free Number+1-866-877-1187
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Info

Public records show that the domain for this e-commerce website was first registered on the 22nd of August 2020, less then a month later on the 14th of September 2020, the domain was updated again. Right now the domain of the site is set to expire on the 22nd of August 2025.


This is a very new site that has been around for just over a month, but on the ‘About Us’ page of the pharmacy website, it says that they have been in business for over 12 years. It is obvious that this is not true, and it should instantly make you more worried about this website because they are a business that is selling you medication and they should be 100% honest and transparent. 

Business Profile

Additionally, the drugstore website is registered through a third-party organization called Anonymize Inc. that is based in the state of Washington, in the United States.

This particular company is used by thousands of website owners around the world in order to hide their identities from the public. Because this happens to be an online pharmacy, it is actually legal for the owners of this particular website that we happen to be reviewing to do this. 

low trust

On Scamadviser, this e-pharmacy website has a trust score of 10% along with a prompt that tells you to be careful when using this site. 

Regulatory Approval

On the About Us page of this e-commerce website, it says that the online drugstore complies with the Drugs and Cosmetics 1940 Act of India, but this is just a claim and there is no way to prove that. Moreover, when we tried to verify whether this pharmacy website is a verified member of pharmaceutical associations such as CIPA we were not able to find any mention of this online pharmacy in any of the databases of the regulatory bodies.

not in the database

On LegitScript, there is no assessment available for this online drugstore, it is really not surprising considering that the site is less than two months old.

Products and Pricing

A lot of incentives are offered for visitors to this e-commerce website in order to try and entice them to purchase products from this website. For example, there are bonus pills for every order that you make and also special offers. 

men's related drugs

Best-Selling Products on This Platform

The e-commerce platform prides itself on its security, with 256bit encryption apparently being used on this site which helps to encrypt personal as well as payment details thus protecting them from being stolen and misused. But it is key to keep in mind that there is no evidence to support that this is actually true. 

  • Birth Control, an essential human right that every woman should have access to, a total of eight different birth control pills are available for sale in this product category that helps minimize the risk of unplanned pregnancies.
  • Surgery, one of the most dangerous moments of having a surgery is the recovery period after the surgery during which there is an increased risk of injury as well as infections that are potentially deadly. Here thankfully you can buy drugs that help to speed up the recovery process and also limit the chances of infections. 
  • Eye Care, the eyes are our bodies’ most sensitive external organs, as well as one of the most important ones that allow us to function in everyday life. The majority of the products for sale here are eye drops however there are also a few pill-based products.
  • Muscle Relaxants, another popular product category is the muscle relaxant category where you can buy medication that helps to relax your muscles and thus speeds up recovery and reduces pain.
  • Cancer, an illness that occurs due to a malfunction of the cells in a person’s body, it occurs based on a mix of genetic factors but also decisions we make in our everyday lives such as whether we smoke. In this product category, you can buy drugs that assist in the treatment of a wide variety of types of cancers. 

Payment and Shipping

As of writing this article, there are only two payment types available on this drugstore website. The most popular method that has the most options displayed is the credit card payment method with recommended providers being Mastercard and Visa. Alternatively, you have the ability to pay using Bitcoin, but this is an unsafe payment method since it is very hard to get a refund using it. 

free of charge

There is not much of a selection for the shipping method, with just one shipping method being available. This is the so-called Standard Shipping method that costs $10 and takes between 10 and 21 days.

Interestingly enough on the FAQ page, there is an Express shipping option listed but you are not able to select at checkout. 


A large number of reviews are available about this online pharmacy on multiple third-party websites as well as on a forum called RXDiscuss, on all of these sites the drugstore website gets a very bad review and is not recommended. Moreover, on the forum, it is pointed out that the pharmaceutical site has a very familiar website design to other scam sites out there on the internet. 


Furthermore, there are testimonials located on the drugstore website, this is a common strategy that is used by fraudulent e-commerce websites. You should never pay a lot of attention to testimonials located on the same website that they are supposed to be reviewing as there is a chance that they are manipulated. 

Is Website a Scam or Legit?

This pharmaceutical website is a scam, there are a lot of irregularities with the claims that this site makes compared to verifiable information located on third-party websites that have nothing to gain from portraying the site in a positive or negative light. Although there are a good number of reviews for a new site, literally all of them are negative and none of them recommend the site.

On URL Void, there is one warning that is displayed about this online drugstore which is due to alleged unsolicited messages that are being sent to users.


In conclusion, Overnightpharm.com is not safe to buy from, there is no proven track record of this site of it providing a quality customer service and products. Worryingly the site tries to pretend to be an established platform that has been in business for 12 years when in reality as of writing the article the domain was less than two months old.

Moreover, it offers Bitcoin which is a payment method that is not accepted by the overwhelming majority of pharmacies, it is likely offered as an option on this pharmacy website as it is a great payment method for committing fraud. 

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