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Qxzmeds.com presents itself as a virtual pharmacy, extending a plethora of medications to customers at competitive rates. Their endeavor to deliver outstanding customer service and expedited shipping aims to ensure that patrons receive their medical supplies promptly. The breadth of their offerings spans branded, generic medications and an array of health-centric products. Yet, the appealing facade raises questions about its legitimacy and the quality of service provided. Delve into our analytical review of Qxzmeds.com to discern whether it stands up to its claims or crumbles under scrutiny.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2021-05-03
Main Details
Drugstore NameCanadian Pharmacy
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number+1-718-487-9792
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Information

Based on the domain data gathered from Whois.com, Qxzmeds.com emerges as a fairly recent addition to the online pharmacy sphere. The domain registration, facilitated through Eranet International Limited, was initially processed on 03-05-2021. The most recent update on the domain was recorded on 17-06-2023, with an expiration slated for 03-05-2024 unless renewed beforehand.

registered in 2021

While the registrant contact traces back to the United States, a veil shrouds the remainder of the details, inciting a hint of skepticism. Nevertheless, a conclusive judgment on its legitimacy requires a deeper exploration of its business profile and regulatory credentials.

  • Domain registered on: 03-05-2021
  • Address provided: United States
  • Phone number: No

Business Profile

At first glance, the business profile of Qxzmeds.com raises several eyebrows. To ensure a comprehensive review, we delved deeper by examining its credentials on reputable review platforms such as Scamadviser.com and TrustPilot.com.

On ScamAdviser.com, Qxzmeds.com received the lowest possible TrustScore, a mere 1/100, accompanied by a concerning note: “Low trust rating. This site may not be safe to use.” Meanwhile, the platform remains conspicuously absent of customer feedback on TrustPilot.com, another trusted site for consumer reviews.

the lowest

The layout bears a striking resemblance to numerous other sites that have been flagged as fraudulent, especially those that emphasize men’s health products. While the homepage proudly displays an FDA logo and proclaims its identity as a Canadian pharmacy, these are likely to be fake.

Regulatory Approvals

When assessing the legitimacy of online pharmacies, obtaining the appropriate regulatory approvals is paramount. Regrettably, the findings were not in favor of Qxzmeds.com. NABP has marked Qxzmeds.com on its “Not Recommended” list, suggesting potential irregularities or non-compliance.

not recommended

Furthermore, despite its claims of being a Canadian pharmacy, Qxzmeds.com is noticeably absent from the member list of CIPA, raising further concerns about its authenticity. An additional search within the LegitScript database yielded no results for Qxzmeds.com.

These combined findings strongly indicate that Qxzmeds.com is operating without the necessary regulatory approvals.

Available Products and Pricing

Qxzmeds.com says they sell many different medicines, including ones for men’s health and both known and common drugs. They show the medicine’s main parts and prices clearly so buyers can see how strong it is. Some pills are very cheap, costing only $0.27. But, the website doesn’t have the right approvals, so it might not be safe. It’s better to be careful if you use Qxzmeds.com.


Payment and Shipping Methods

Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Orders typically ship within 24 hours and arrive in 5-7 days, with delays possible based on location and shipping choice. Extra charges may apply for selected shipping. EMS delivery takes 3-8 days but can face customs delays. Qxzmeds.com lacks robust privacy and clear refund policies. We do not recommend using Qxzmeds.com to buy medicines.

Qxzmeds.com Reviews

Gaining customer trust is paramount for any online business, especially for pharmacies. A thorough examination of Qxzmeds.com revealed that while there is a testimonial page featured, its authenticity is questionable. To gather a more unbiased perspective, an inspection of TrustPilot.com was conducted.

no comments

Surprisingly, Qxzmeds.com has no customer feedback available there. This absence of customer voices can lead to skepticism and suggest a possible lack of credibility. Given these findings, potential customers should exercise caution as Qxzmeds.com might not be a reliable online pharmacy.


Qxzmeds.com offers many medicines at good prices, but it might not be trustworthy. It’s a new website, and there’s not much clear information about the business. ScamAdviser gives it a low rating, and it’s not on important safety lists. Also, there aren’t many real customer reviews. Because of these issues, people should be very careful. It’s always important to be sure about safety when buying medicine online, and right now, Qxzmeds.com seems risky.

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