Rx365Rx.com Reviews – Too Many Risks

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Rx365Rx.com is a pharmacy store that seems to offer some great special offers to encourage you to buy. But should you take up these offers? Our look into what this pharmacy is providing to their customers doesn’t make us want to recommend them, however.

Domain Details
Date of Registry2020-11-05
Main Details
Drugstore NameFirst Medicine
Regulatory Approvals
LegitScriptRogue status
Contact Info
Free Number
Contact Form
Shipping Methods
Standard Mail
Express Delivery
Free Shipping
Payment Options
E-Check or Personal Check
American Express, Western Union

Domain Name Information

This pharmacy has only been around for a few months, making it more likely to be a scam. This doesn’t look particularly great considering the copyright message on the site says from 2004-2021.

registered in 2020

There is some information about who has registered the pharmacy’s domain. It tells us that the person is in Altay, Russia.

Business Profile

Though we would normally expect the details in the domain name records to match up with the address information on the site, we can’t even check.


They don’t provide their contact or location information for this pharmacy so we don’t really know where they are based, but we can assume they are in Russia.

They don’t give a business name on the site either. On top of that, the main logo on the site doesn’t match up to the domain name, which can be an indication of a scam pharmacy.

Regulatory Approval

No details are provided to show that they are following any regulations in the operation of this business. There aren’t any regulatory seals on the store, and they only say that their meds are FDA approved though there isn’t any information to prove this is true.

false claim

Drugs Offered

This store provides a fairly limited number of options for their customers. They sell both brand and generics and are more focused on the men’s health market than anything else. The prices are quite low though not the lowest we’ve seen online.

men's related pills

When we look at the product pages of the site, they don’t offer much information about which company has manufactured the generic pills. They also don’t say where the pills are dispensed from. Are they dispatched from Russia or somewhere else? We aren’t told, so this seems more like a scam.

If you do get pills you have ordered from this pharmacy, how do you know if they are reliable? While the pills could look okay, there isn’t any way of telling if the tablets contain the correct ingredients in the right amounts.

If the pills you take aren’t exactly what you were expecting, there could be serious problems. It could mean that your health is adversely affected if the pills are low-quality. Your condition could be made worse, which could result in more serious medical help being required.

Since there is no way of telling by just looking at the pills, you need to be careful where you buy your meds from. There seem to be too many risks with this pharmacy.

Payment Options

Your order is completed on a different website, which isn’t what you would normally expect from a reputable business. They do have some security, however, and you can pay by the following means:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard


You can choose between airmail and express mail for the delivery of your order. Airmail is going to cost you $9.95 with arrival expected in 2 or 3 weeks. Express mail costs $29.95 with delivery in up to 8 business days. They also give you a tracking number with the more expensive option.

If you spend over $200 in the store they give you free airmail. A spend of $300 will provide you with free express shipping.

Rx365Rx.com Reviews

There is a page for Rx365Rx.com reviews and testimonials. While you might think that this is a good sign, in this case, it isn’t. We have seen these customer comments many times before and they are entirely fake.


This page on the site is intended to convince potential customers that the store isn’t a scam and they can safely place an order. Don’t let yourself be scammed by this deceit.


There are far too many issues with this pharmacy to recommend them. We don’t where the pills are from and they don’t operate with any regulation.

This does suggest that the pills being sold could be low-quality and a big risk.

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